September 17, 2012


Hi Anipals. I just met @FridayKat_ASVC and thought his purrrspective on living at a Vet Center would be interesting. Instead of doing usual questions, I let Friday and his hooman just tell us about themselves.

Meows Herman! Thanks for interviewing me!

My story starts with my hoomans, my family at Trylon Vet-Austin Street Vet Center.

I remember some  very nice people taking me in from the cold, I was very sick and they tried to  fix me but I needed help, so on a rainy Friday night in October , the nice people took me to a place where they said they would leave me so that I could get better.

My mommy one says I was in bad shape and they didn’t know if I would be ok. They didn’t know what to call me so they choose Friday. Actually my real name is Larry, but they couldn’t understand me. Friday is kewl though.

 I remember mommy two giving me icky things and my aunties and uncles always checking me. My family says that it took almost two weeks for me to get better and that by that time, they were under my spell (whatever that means)

I became the Head Meow in Charge!

Lots of other meows, woofs and tweets come to my home, some of them are scared. They tell me, you’re at the Vet! And I say no I’m not I’m home. I try and tell them that my family are the nicest hoomans and they are going to make them all better, like me! 

I show them my room where I have my beds and my basket of toys and my litter box and all my special hidey spots.

I have some real special visitors and they bring me toys! Hoomans are real nice to me! They say I’m a trouble magnet but I’m just curious. There are so many places to explore and people to meet!

My family has done fundraisers to help good people and I get to pick raffle winners and give prizes away! This year we did two special causes, one for hoomans and one for rescue pets. This holiday season, we are going to plan a holiday fundraiser to help other meows and woofs that need help.
I’m really lucky I have a big family that plays with me and takes real good care of me.

Friday on our facebook is “Friday, I’m in love day” new videos and pictures get put up.
And of course I have my twitter! @FridayKat_ASVC

Now meet Friday's mommy, Karla Wallach 

Our story is pretty interesting; we are a small private practice in New York City. We have been in business in Queens since 1992; Dr. Wyler has been in practice for over 30 years. I have been with him for 14 years. He is a very dedicated and passionate veterinarian.

I started as his receptionist in 1998, and moved up to Practice Manager in 2000. This practice is our home, our staff is extremely close and we try very hard to stay away from corporate medicine and ideals. We believe in getting personally involved with not only our patients but their humans.

On May 16th 2010, we participated in our first Team event, raising money and walking for Aidswalk NYC. It was a wonderful event for a great cause and we were on top of the world as a team and as a family.

One week later on May 23rd 2010, 9:15pm, we got a call from ADT that the fire alarm went off. Since I live only 10 minutes away, I called my nearest co-workers and raced down to the hospital. By the time we were 10 blocks away, we could smell the smoke. A huge fire had broken out in the dry cleaners behind us and it was spreading fast. With the help of the FDNY and my brave technician, we managed to run in with oxygen masks and pull out the only animal in the hospital, our house cat Spike. Dr. Andino performed CPR on him and rushed him to the ER, where we had instructed Dr Wyler to meet us there to start working on Spike. All our family and friends gathered at the Blue Pearl Emergency center, they allowed us to use their conference room and we stayed there all night while Dr Wyler and Dr Andino and the staff of Blue pearl tried to save Spike. Spike made it. Our hospital and 7 other businesses were completely destroyed. The loss of the hospital was devastating we had a staff of 9 with no job and 30 years of Dr Wyler’s life in ashes. He made the decision that day that at 66 years old he was not going to end his career that way and that he wasn’t going to let us or his devoted clients down. We decided to rebuild. It took us 15 long months of searching for a new location, planning, designing and building. Our staff took temp jobs, all the while helping with the rebuild and keeping our own homes as office bases for our clients to reach out to us. 

On July 15 2011, we opened Trylon Vet Care- Austin Street Vet Center, every one of our staff came back and we retained 90% of our original clients, even after being closed for 15 months.

Spike retired and moved in with our receptionist Judy. We had not planned to get another house cat; we were still at little shell shocked. Then that fateful Friday night happened, we were closed, doors locked coats on ready to leave, when we hear the tap on the glass and this sickly little boy gets dropped into our lives. We have a lot to be thankful for that year and Mr. Friday is by far the best thing we got!

Karla Wallach

If you would like to enjoy a trip through Trylon Vet Care via Photobucket, click the link. Honestly, everyone looks like they are having a great time. 


  1. YOu make me proud, very much so, of all and each of you.

  2. And what a pleasure to see Angels JinJin and Petie and Sparty. They joined @AdmiralHestorb, my sisfur OTRB. I, @katiebella2 love them all three and was proud to be their furriend.

  3. What a wonderful story of resilience. Nice to meet you Friday although I think you need to be de-progrmmed. The vet is an evil place, at least mine is. Too bad Queens to a long ride from my home.

  4. What a wonderful story. Now Friday - you are one handsome dude. I can tell you right now that all the lady cats will come knocking at your door.,


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