May 24, 2013

Help Keep Lou and Sass Together!

Lou @LiveLoveMeow
Have you ever been totally derailed?

 I mean...there you are, rolling along, making plans for the wonderpurr life you hope to lead when suddenly...BAM! You are hit by a train and run right off your tracks.

Well, that's what recently happened to my friend Lou and his mom, Sass. Things weren't working out for them in Boston, and Sass decided to move them to New Hampshire for a fresh start on a new life, and possibly achieve her dream of opening a Cat Sanctuary.

Then...that train I mentioned ran her over.

Sass writes, I am totally embarrassed.  In a nutshell, Lou and I got screwed.  We were moving house to a new home and job, and in the middle of moving, we found out we had nowhere to go, after all, and the job disappeared, too.

Lou and I are currently stuck in a stinky hotel room with nowhere else to go.  I have no family, or friends, with room for us.

After a lot of thought,  a good deal of a mix of panic and prayer, I have decided to ask for help, rather than have to give Lou up and shut down our business; this came at the request from you, my online pals.

 Lou has been with me since he was 4.5 weeks old, and I really don't want to give him up; although, if I remain homeless, I will have no choice but to do so.  As an older cat now, chances are, he would not be adopted.

I feel that it makes more sense to create a long term solution, and never experience this sort of drama again.  I would like very much to get out of this motel and place Lou and I in a spot, where opportunities abound to create a home base for Lou and I and our business, and therefore not ever have to worry about being homeless again...and, while we're at it, I would love to be able to provide the ultimate in customer service for the customers of Live Love Meow."

If you can spare the price of a Starbuck's grande and donate it instead to Sass and Lou, every dime helps.

This is the Link to their account: Help Sass and Lou or you could use the widget at the top of the right column. All donations, no matter what size, are needed and sincerely appreciated.

By the way, if you are interested, Sass sells an amazing blanket for pets called the Purrito Wrapper!

Lou models Purrito Wrapper
click on photo for link to website

Sass talks about her invention:

"The Purrito Wrapper is a blanket designed for special needs pets, but truth is, any pet that likes to stay dry, and warm, in a big soft fluffy blanket can use one of these.

Originally thought up for someone whose cat was undergoing chemotherapy, was throwing up frequently and had become incontinent, but still wanted to sleep with his Mom as he always had, the Purrito Wrapper is now available for all.

Good things to know about the Purrito Wrapper:
They are urine and vomit-resistant. If an accident happens, just wipe or shake off the gross material, and toss the blanket in the wash. No staining, no soak through to clothing, furniture, sheets, mattresses, carpets, etc. Which means no clothing or bedding, etc. getting ruined. No odor to continually befoul the house.

They are big enough to use as blankets so you and your cat can snuggle together if you and your cat are into that sort of thing.

They are big enough to be folded into any configuration you or your cat can dream up. Lou, our 15-lb. model, likes it draped around him so that his head sticks out."

So, maybe you could also keep the Purrito Wrapper in mind, for either your pets or a gift for your loved ones.

Have a wonderpurr day, and thanks!

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