May 19, 2012

I Would Like to Thank the Anipal Academy

Today I received a Star from the Anipal Academy Awards for my avatar of Angel Petie.

I did not expect this award, so my acceptance speech is not written with much thought, but it comes from my heart.

Thank you for this award. Although I never expected any kind of reward for making an avatar for the wonderpurr and beloved Petie The Cat, or any other Anipal who has gone Over The Rainbow Bridge, or needs a cute avi for a pawty. I do them because I love my pals and want everyone to have fun.

Petie was an inspiration to me, to be the best Anipal furend I can be to all of those who want me as a furend. It is in his honor that I accept my award and will display it proudly on my blog. Much hugs to the Academy for voting for me, and to my dear furend, Phi @3phibotticelli who tweaked my ears and made sure I got on line just as my award was announced.

Love you all!  Herman


  1. Congratulations Herman! Nice speech.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  2. I am sooo happy that you won Herman. You so deserved. It is a beeootiful avatar. Hugs

  3. Darling:
    U are a true blessing in my life. I hopes to be a part of the love and kindess you show our precious furfriends. I wish I had a quarter of your talent

  4. You have such a talent and made such a lovely avi of our dear friend, Petie. The award is well deserved. Congratulations.

  5. I''m so happy you were honored too pal because your work is truly good. I think you are a pro.

  6. You deserve that star because that avatar is awesome!

  7. Cagneythecat5/20/12, 9:39 AM

    Yoo are a terrific friend to all anipals. My heart really flipped when i saw AngelPetie's avi. Yoo are so talented and sweet. Concatulations on a much-deserved award!


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