May 7, 2012

Meet Mario...da Cat!

My pal @MarioDaCat is head barktender at #Nipclub, on duty around 8p.m. His Nipclub bio reads: Mario is a traditional barktender with a good ear, a big heart, and if the music is jumpin' you might catch him shaking his tail behind the bar, or even on the bar. He's sure to please!!

Well, he's also a really good furend and I have enjoyed knowing him. I sat down wif Mario after his shift at #NipClub had ended. Over bacon beers and nip cheese snacks, we talked about his life.

How old were you when you moved in with your family? Were you a rescue?

M & D came to the Humane Society in our city looking for another kitty to love as their beloved Misty had to be put to sleep due to kidney failure. They had just been on a cruise to Italy with their daughter & husband and couldn’t stand the quiet house with no furbaby in it. The shelter thought I was about 2 at the time.

What breed of cat are you?

I am a domestic shorthair – or as mom says – a barn kitty (even tho I’ve never been in a barn in my life – silly oomans.)

What inspired your pawrents to name you?

Their friends all said I should have an Italian name since they had just come home from a trip to Italy. The only Italian name they could think of was “Mario.” He he. Oh, M says that was also the name of the driver they hired in Rome to take them all over the city.

Do you have siblings? Do you get along?

I am an only kitty. M says one kitty at a time please because of the cost of vet bills.

How would you describe your personality?

Very loveable, easy going, laid back. But I can defend myself if I’m backed into a corner by another kitty.

Do you have a mischief incident that is still talked about with your family?

I snuck out of the house about 4 times now. Once I made the screen come loose from the Patio screen door. I made an area just big enough to get out. I just wanted to patrol our property and leave my scent so no intruders would come in. M happened to notice the opening in the screen, started calling me, finally went outside and I came around from a bush to greet her. Oooh- she was not happy but didn’t scold me other than to give me a talking to about how dangerous it was outside. It was then she decided to get me a leash and harness because I so desperately wanted outside.

Tell me about an Awww moment.

M says my whole life is Awww! Especially when I’m sitting on a lap or laying on a lap.

Do you have any health issues?

Right after I came to live here, I had to visit the vet because I didn’t feel good and stopped eating. Turns out my teeth needed drastic attention. I had a good case of Stomatitis and ended up having all my toothies pulled – every single one of them. I’m all better now and feeling so much better. No more infections in my mouth and never have to have my toothies cleaned ever again - he he cuz I don’t have any toothies.

Now I might have come down with a case of Asthma. The vet told my pawparents to install a Hippa Filter on our furnace if we could do it. We did, and that has helped. If I start in again, I’ll have to have an inhaler. I don’t know what that is or how it works on kitties, but it doesn’t sound like fun.

Do you like to be brushed, have your nails trimmed?

I don’t mind it if the oomans brush me with a slicker type brush, but ABSOLUTELY NO FURMINATOR! If they try to sneak a swipe with the Furminator, I give them the stink eye look. I don’t care to have my nails clipped, but will let Dad do it and I sit like a good boy for him too.

What is your relationship like with your veterinarian?

We have a great vet. She’s a very nice lady and takes good care of me. I still don’t like going for the car ride to get there tho.

Do you like certain hoomans outside of your family?

I like all oomans, as long as they are good to me and not mean. I always answer the doorbell at home. I make friends with anyone who will pay attention to me, and of course if you come to visit our house, you WILL like me cuz I’ll climb up onto your lap – even if you don’t like cats!

What are your favorite foods and toys?

I love playing with the Neko Fly. Sometimes I like to chase a ball if the ooman rolls it on the floor really fast. But the Neko Fly is my very favorite.

I don’t really have a favorite food, but I’m picky as to what food I eat. Every now and then I have to put my paw down with M if she tries to give me something I don’t like.

What is your birth date, or Gotcha Day date?

October 15, 2008

When did you join Twitter and what clubs do you belong to?

January 2009. I’m in #nipclub & #wlf

What are you known for on Twitter by your Anipal furends?

Not sure. I used to be known for talking too much, but that isn’t true since my oomans came down with Parkinson’s Disease. It’s hard these days to get a good typist.

Do you have a blog or a Facebook page? If so, please give the addresses and tell us what you write about.

I’m on Facebook and Fursbook, but am hardly ever on Facebook. (Mario Roever)

Thanks so much, Mario. It's great knowing more about you. Now let's wake up your meowmy and see if she'd like to be intermewed.

MEET MARY ROEVER -- Mariodacat’s Mom

Tell me about yourself, outside of your passion for animals, such as your family, hobbies and interests.

I am retired and have Parkinson’s Disease. My husband also has Parkinson’s. We were diagnosed about a year apart. We have one daughter and a son-in-law and two grand kitties! He he

What type of work do you do?

Retired from the local school system – Special Education  Department.

Are you an outdoor person, or an indoor person, and why?

The past three years I’ve become more of an indoor person. When I was younger, I loved being outside and doing yard work, etc. But I’m not capable of doing those kinds of things any longer.

Do you blog or Facebook? Tell me about it and give addresses.

Mario has a blog too
Mario is on face book as Mario Roever and on Fursbook as Mariodacat

What is your favorite book, favorite author?

I don’t really have a favorite book. I usually enjoy most mysteries. Favorite author is Vince Flynn.

What TV shows do you enjoy?

American Idol, America’s Got Talent, Dancing With The Stars

What type of music do you enjoy? What is your favorite song?

Broadway Show Tunes, Gospel, Almost anything except Rock. I dear loved all the music from CATS, Phantom of the Opera. Etc.

Do you travel? What is the most memorable vacation you’ve ever taken?

We always loved to travel, but now that we both have Parkinson’s, our traveling days are over. Two very memorable trips stand out – both were taken with our daughter & son-in-law. One cruise around Italy, and the other a cruise to Alaska two years ago in the spring. We’ve also been on 12 cruises through the years with two other couples – always going to the Caribbean.

Tell me about your town and what makes it special to you.

Green Bay is, of course, the hometown of the Green Bay Packer’s Football team. It’s a smaller sized city, but has been put on the map by the football team. Everyone has heard of us because of the Packer’s football team. They can’t always find our city on the map, but they associate us with the Packers, snowstorms, and cold. We were all born in Madison (a beautiful city surrounded by 3 lakes, the state capital building and the University of Wisconsin.)

Green Bay is the 3rd largest city in Wisconsin - with Milwaukee being the largest, followed by Madison and then Green Bay. Green Bay is a nice place to raise a family and has a small-town atmosphere. Crime is lower here than in the larger cities.

Have you ever traveled with your pet? If so, please give me an adventure story.

Our first cat, Pepper, I got while living in Florida while my husband was stationed with the army in Korea – right after the Korean War. Pepper and I lived in Florida until Don came home from overseas and was then sent to Junction City Kansas. Pepper was a good traveler and always rode in the backseat of the car sitting up on the back window ledge – surveying everything as we drove down the highway. Back in those days they didn’t have PTU’s or car seats for animals. His litter box rode in the back seat with him, providing us with interesting aromas at certain times – if you know what I mean! He he

From Kansas Don was sent to Wisconsin, back to Kansas, and then when he was discharged from service, we moved back to Madison. But, after being there 10 years, Don’s job transferred him to Green Bay, so Pepper had to move again. He handled the moves well and took everything in stride – life was good as long as he was with his family. We added our daughter and a schnauzer dog to our family just prior to moving to Green Bay. Pepper was with us for 18 years before he had to cross the Rainbow Bridge after coming down with a cancerous, inoperable tumor.   He was a well-traveled cat.

Tell me about your first pet, and how many have you had in your lifetime?

Mario is our 4th cat in 50 years.

Our first cat, Pepper was also probably the smartest. He could open any door and the hook and eye locks meant nothing to him. He could open them in a matter of seconds, especially if the drawer contained dog or cat food. Our schnauzer would then get into the act and help Pepper eat the rewards of their efforts. Pepper also liked to raid the garbage disposal just to see if there was anything good to eat left in there. He wasn’t the most loveable of our cats (Mario gets that award) but he was the smartest. Nothing missed his scrutiny.

Why did you choose Mario to Tweet for instead of another pet?

Mario is the one and only pet living here, so he got the job and didn’t even have to interview. He he.

What is a typical day for you, starting when your pets want breakfast?

I usually wake up around 5:00 6:00 and feeding Mario his breakfast is the first thing that is done. I fix my breakfast and eat while sitting at the computer reading and commenting on the blogs that Mario follows. If time allows, we get on Twitter and talk to a lot of Mario’s friends (my friends too). Don gets up around 8:00 and we eat breakfast separately because I’m always up so early. Some days I run errands in the morning or afternoon –depending. I’m also taking a class for seniors at the local health club for our clinic – just to keep my body bad joints moving, and sometimes work out on a machine. Since I write a blog for myself on our experience with Parkinson’s, and help Mario write his blog, there is always something to do over and above the usual housework. Mario and I always play a little before going to bed for the night. Mario gets lots of lap time between Don and I, although he’s probably on Don’s lap more than mine because Don sits more than I do. And, sometimes I try to work in a short nap. Some of the drugs I’m on make me sleepy. Taking a nap is one of the luxuries of being retired. He he

Is there anything you’d like to tell us about you that I didn’t know to ask?

We have enjoyed meeting all of our dear friends on Twitter and in the blog world so much. Animal lovers are the best people on this earth. We are so fortunate to have such wonderful, caring friends.

Thank you for the opportunity of sharing our story.
Thankew Mario and Mary for sharing your story wif your Anipal's. Loves ya!

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