May 29, 2012

Meet SadieTime333

Meet the blonde and bootiful Sadie aka @SadieTime333.
I hazn't known her fur long, but she always makes me smile
and is so nice to hang out wif. Please welcome Sadie!

How old were you when you moved in with your family? Were you a rescue?

Born 9/9/2003, Came home at 8 weeks

What breed of PET are you?

American Cocker Spaniel

What inspired your pawrents to name you?

I told them my name!

Do you have siblings? Do you get along?

Sophie is my rescued little sister.  I tolerate her in the presence of humans,  Sometimes the pretense fails 
and they see we have fun together.  She is an attention hogger though.

How would you describe your personality?

Pretty demanding, and do what I want.  Love my family though, but they need instruction that I am 
happy to give.

Do you have a mischief incident that is still talked about with your family?

There’s so many.  The one I do often is pretend I’m invisible when I doing something wrong and getting
 caught.  Not supposed to be in the wrapping paper closet, but I go in there on regular basis and tear it 
all up.  That room is on the right side of stairs, and theres guest room on the left side.  One time they heard
 me tearing up the paper, and stood at top of stairs and called.  So I run out of wrapping paper closet over 
to the other room in full sight, but never look at them.  They call again, and I walk out of the other room and 
look up, like “what? I in the guest room sleeping!”

Tell me about an Awww moment.

My awww moment is usually at night, when I think no-one is looking, I go lay back to back with
 Sophie…..just because she warm.

Do you have any health issues?

No, pretty healthy, and I not overweight!

Do you like to be brushed, have your nails trimmed?

LOVE it! Love It!

What is your relationship like with your veterinarian?

Distant, he always comments on how much I like my food.  I see he likes his food too.

Do you like certain hoomans outside of your family?

Like most of them, on my terms.

What are your favorite foods and toys?

All food is good food, except onions.  My favorite toy is my cow. 

What is your birth date, or Gotcha Day date?


When did you join Twitter and what clubs do you belong to?

Joined few months ago!  No clubs!

What are you known for on Twitter by your Anipalfurends?

Hmmm, mebe nail polish?

Do you have a blog or a Facebook page? If so, please give the addresses and tell us what you write about.

No neither.

Is there anything you’d like to tell us about you that I didn’t know to ask?

Luvs U Tattlecat!

Awww. Loves you back, Sadie.  Now let’s meet Sadie’s mom, Annmarie!

Tell me about yourself, outside of your passion for animals, such as your family, hobbies and interests.

Family and friends first! Can’t do without them!  Hobbies include hiking, skiing, shopping, music! 
theater, and traveling!

What type of work do you do?

Market research.

Are you an outdoor person, or an indoor person, and why?

Both depending on the weather.  Although much prefer being outside a lot!

What is your favorite book, favorite author?

Favorite Book Series by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child : Dance of Death , Brimstone, 
Cabinet of Curiosities, reliquary, Relec, Book of Dead

What TV shows do you enjoy?

Alcatraz, Lost, Fringe, anything that’s a little out there!

What type of music do you enjoy?

All, What is your favorite song? It changes daily.  Today it’s Kelly Clarkson “What doesn’t kill you”

What is the most memorable vacation you’ve ever taken?

Hawaii, awesome!

Tell me about your town and what makes it special to you.

Only been here a year.  Whats special about it is it’s beauty.  We are surrounded by mountains, often with snow peaked tops.  You have all the conveniences of the city, but it’s small town laid back.  The beauty of this state is beyond compare.  The mountains, then the desert, the lakes, it puts everything in perspective living here. 

Have you ever traveled with your pet?

Both dogs traveled back and forth across country several times.  Sophie is a mess most of the time, due to noise issues, but about the 3rd time, she settled down.  Sadie sleeps the whole time.  Guess the biggest adventure was driving with them through the Gorge in Oregon, and Sophie decided she wanted to be the driver, jumped over the seat into my lap as we’re rounding those bends…set the heart pounding!

Tell me about your first pet, and how many have you had in your lifetime?

First pet was a dog, brought home by surprise by my dad.  He went to get a puppy, but the conditions of the place were so bad he brought home the mother.  There was only 1 puppy left and someone else was there who wanted that one. 

Why did you choose Sadie to Tweet for instead of another pet?

Sadie is the oldest and demanded an account, so we gave it to her.

What is a typical day for you, starting when your pets want breakfast?

Typical day is usually getting up late and rushing, or getting up early and not rushing and then having to rush later!

Is there anything you’d like to tell us about you that I didn’t know to ask?

Luv U Tattlecat!

Awww! Love you Sadie’s mom!

Don't Mess Wif Me!