June 5, 2013

#BedtimeStory with a Dog

Once Upon A Time...

A butcher noticed a dog in his shop around closing time. Since Health Inspectors kinda frown on having pets around food, he shooed  the dog away. But then he noticed the dog had a note in his mouth that read, "Can I have 12 sausages and a rib-eye steak, please." Along with the note the dog had a fifty dollar bill. So the butcher took the money, put the food in a bag and gave it to the dog. The dog then left the shop.

Curious about this dog, the butcher decided to follow it. He watched as it came to a crossing, and was surprised when the dog put down the bag, jumped up and pressed the crossing button. Then he waited patiently, bag in mouth, for the lights to change. When they did, he crossed the road. The butcher followed.

Then the dog came to a bus stop. When it looked at the schedule, as if checking the times, the butcher was shocked. Then the dog sat on the bench to wait for the bus. When a bus came along, the dog walked to the front of the bus, looked at the number, but then returned to his seat. When yet another bus came along, the dog again looked at the number, apparently saw it was the right bus, and climbed aboard. The butcher, by now open-mouthed, also boarded the bus.

The bus traveled thru town and out to the suburbs with the butcher sitting behind the dog, watching it. It seemed like a normal dog, but so far it had performed some amazing tricks. He really wanted to meet the dog's trainer.

Eventually the dog got up, moved to the front of the bus, stood on his hind legs and pushed the button to stop the bus. The butcher followed as the dog got off with bag in mouth and headed home. Finally, the dog walked up the path to a house and dropped the groceries on the step. Then he walked back down the street, turned and ran at the door, throwing himself against it. He then returned to the path, and again ran at the door, throwing himself against it, with the butcher wondering what was going on.

As there was no answer at the door, the dog then jumped onto a narrow wall and walked the perimeter to a window where he banged his head against it several times. He then jumped  off the wall, and ran to wait by the front door. Soon a big guy opened the door, and started yelling at the dog.

The butcher ran over to stop him. "What the heck are you doing? This dog is a genius. He could be on TV."

"Oh really?" the guy snarled. "Well, this is the second time this week the genius has forgotten his key."


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  1. You are such a special Mews Herman. What a Wonderpurr story.

  2. Hehehe... That's so funny...

    You know... I don't think I have a key. Not a key to the house or the car or anything. Oh, wait though... I have the most important key of all. I have the key to my peeps' hearts. purrs

  3. That was a great story. You had us sitting here in suspense over here. Keep 'em coming. Hope your mom is working on another book now.


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