April 23, 2012

Meet Nike @NikePurrfecktcat

Nike and my mom got to be good furends cuz they're both writers, so Nike and I also got to know each other. She's a good furend to haz, and very supportive. I think she's very purrty and smart too. Please welcome, @NikePurrfektcat 

How old were you when you moved in with your family?
I was just about a year old.

Were you a rescue?
Yes! I was a feral cat, living on the streets. A single mother of six.

Only a year old? You poor baby! What kind of cat are you?
I am a tortoiseshell cat.

BeeUtiful torti! How was your mom inspired to name you?
She had a short list of goddess names and god names from ancient Greece and Rome. When she called the rescue place and they told her about me she narrowed it down to two or three of the female names. When she saw me and my 'swoosh' on my nose she knew it had to be Nike.

Do you haz any siblings?
No thank you very much and I do not want any.

Boy, I do understand that. I envy you. I wanna be an only kitteh too. How would you describe your purrsonality?
I can be shy with strangers. Once I get to know you I am guardedly affectionate. With Mum and to some extent a couple of other humans I am love wrapped up in fur. I can be demanding and I am very talkative.

Love wrapped in fur. That’s so nice. Do you have a mischief incident that is still talked about with your family?
Whenever I have to go in the car, mum calls it a '3 P journey' because I poop, pee and puke in my carrier!!!

MOL! Love that! Tell me about an Awww moment that made your mom melt.
The first time I took her finger in my Paw and squeezed it.

Yep, the finger-wrap will do it every time. Do you have any health issues?
Well at 12 years old I am in very very early stage one kidney disease. So I have to hydrate more. Thats about it thank Bast. I can be sensitive to some food ingredients too, so Mum keeps to the same stuff.

Your mom needs to get you water fountain like mine. I drink lots of water now. Do you like to be brushed, have your nails trimmed?
I like to be stroked. I don’t much like brushing. Mum has always trimmed my nails. I am usually very good. She is quick and never hurts me and then I get treats!!!

Yum! Love da treats. What is your relationship like with your veterinarian?
Distant. I know they are there to do a job but I don’t like them.

Do you like certain hoomans outside of your family?
Anyone I like IS family. But in addition to Mum and Daddee I have an Aunt and an Uncle who are no blood relation to Mum but whom I consider family.

What are your favorite foods and toys?
Hmmm--I really like Duck Dreamies: the UK version of Temptations. I also go nuts for the little tiny cans of chopped chicken primavera or florentine. I am not big on toys tho I do enjoy watching mum chase after things on strings! I guess my favorite toys are live mice chipmunks etc that I see outside my porch.

What is your birth date, or Gotcha Day date?
July 13 is my Gotcha Day.

When did you join Twitter and what clubs do you belong to?
Jan 2011. WLF

What are you known for on Twitter by your Anipal furends?
I am not sure. Maybe ask them??? Maybe as the 'multilingual moggy' because I tweet in several languages (6 on a regular basis, a couple more on occasion).

Wow! *Impressed ears* Do you haz a blog or a Facebook page?
My blog is:NikePurrfecrcatsworld.blogspot.com I write about whatever inspires me. Sometimes its current events and sometimes it’s what I see outside my house and sometimes it is Deep Thoughts.

Thanks so much, Nike. Now let’s meet your mom, DEB COURVILLE.

Tell me about yourself, outside of your passion for animals, such as your family, hobbies and interests.
Okay. I was born and brought up in Boston, MA; graduated from Boston Latin, then Boston College with an MA in English, and a BA in Theology. Did post graduate work at Brown (for a Ph.D. in medieval linguistics, but I rarely mention or list that as it's off putting to many people and I'm not actively engaged in medieval linguistics, so there's no need). I am an only child and studied ballet from the age of 3 and piano for six years as well. I learned tennis, which I hate, and to ride, which I enjoy. I learned French at home and German at school, also six years of Latin, a year of Ancient Greek. Since then I have picked up several other languages as I seem to have a facility for them. I currently can make myself understood in six languages, with more coming I hope. I love to cook, and I think I would be described as adventurous, always willing to give a new taste combination or ethnic cuisine a try.

I have been a journalist for 23 years; prior to that I was in both the buying and store sides of retail. I also danced ballet and jazz professionally and had my own dance studio in Philadelphia. I would say I am fairly cerebral, and I sometimes lose patience with people who are less quick, or less imaginative, than I am. However, I am working on that. Raised in organized religion, I no longer embrace that, preferring instead to imbue my life with spirit, ethics and compassion as constantly as I can.

Tell us about your writing career.
I began writing fiction based on real criminal court cases I covered as a reporter back in 2006. I have written 9 books to date, one of which, Justice Served, is on Amazon exclusively as a Kindle download. I plan 12 books in this series, of which Justice Served, although first written, will be the last chronologically. Companion to the series will be a cookbook.

What inspired you to write Justice Served.
I was covering a murder trial back in 2005, sitting in the high courtroom and listening to testimony, and I thought, this would make a great book. I seemed to see the characters just come to life in my mind as I sat there: taken from the actual people, but colored with a more vibrant pen. I hesitated, since I'd never written a serious book before, one that other people might actually read, but then I thought, well, if I think it's awful, no one else does have to read it. However, I am fairly pleased with JS, although I realize that, as a first time author, I stuck very closely to the timeline of what was actually happening in the real case. This made the book unwieldy at times, and somewhat longer than I wanted or intended. The interesting back stories, however, such as the genealogical clues, are entirely mine and were never part of the original case. Since JS I've taken the kernel of an idea from a real case, but then (to carry out the implied metaphor) popped it into my own creation.

Are you an outdoor person, or an indoor person, and why?
I enjoy gardening and that includes the yukky heavy jobs. I have canoed, hiked and camped in my day but I prefer now to yacht, limo and five star hotel my way. LOL!

Deb's great-great-great-great grandmother, the
real Eugenie West
You have a blog. Tell us about it and give address.
The blog is Thebooksofeugeniewest.blogspot.com I haven't posted much but I do intend to post writing-related thoughts, efforts, issues, etc. I don't think other stuff really belongs on an author's blog.

What is your favorite book, favorite author?
I have many, including new and current fiction. Classic books I love and would want on my 'desert island' though include Rumor Godden's 'In this House of Brede,' Paul Ricour's 'Freud and Philosophy,' Michio Kaku's 'Physics of the Future,' Ed Rutherford's 'Sarum' and Jack Finney's 'Time and Again.'

What TV shows do you enjoy?
Completely addicted to Smash, NCIS, Castile, Covert Affairs, Downton Abbey (and before that Upstairs, Downstairs & The Forsyte Saga), and Leno, Stargate, mmmm...???

What type of music do you enjoy?
Classical, rock, classic rock, progressive rock, just about anything except a lot of rap (I like some, and I like dance), and really looooong jazz improvs. I am also not a fan of modern classical music: prefer Mozart, Vivaldi, Handel, Haydn, etc.

Do you travel? What is the most memorable vacation you’ve ever taken?
I travel a lot. My most memorable vacation or trip is my next one, whatever that is.

Tell me about your town and what makes it special to you.
I am from Boston, and have lived in NYC, Philadelphia and Providence RI. Then I moved to the country, where I live now. I suppose the fact that I can see the stars and smell the earth and watch the progression of the seasons here makes it very special. I also enjoy sharing my bit of land with wildlife (bears, deer, etc) and with my perennials, whom I welcome back each year like children returning from holiday.

Tell me about your first pet, and how many have you had in your lifetime?
First pet was Cicero, a grey tabby. He was a lovely boy, and the following year we got Chloé, a little diluted grey torby (not that I knew then that's what she was, but she was). She lived to be 18 and was my best friend, as most of my pets have been. Cicero and Cuchulan (an orange tabby) ended up with my ex husband. Chloé and Coppélia, a Seal point Siamese, stayed with me. Coppélia lived to be 16. I also had an all black cat, Cassandra, who died of liver cancer at 8. These three cats, who had been with me for many years, all died within five months of each other. A very special cat came after them, Isis: a steel grey cat with aqua blue eyes. Amazing cat. She could fetch and was extremely extremely bright. She died after only six years with me but as I had adopted her as an adult, we weren't sure how old she was. Fatty liver disease was an issue for her, and she died of heart failure. She is the only cat who I wasn't with when they went OTRB, as she died when at the vet's, having blood work done. Now I have Nike, a former feral cat. All my cats have come from rescue groups, no kill shelters or shelters. Nike's been with me for 11 years this year and we think she was about one when I got her. I have also had Phil, a tree frog whom I rescued from a plant shipment when I worked at a nursery in Philadelphia. He lived to be 12

Do you have other Twitter accounts?
Yes. I have one as myself, one under my nom de plume Eugenie West, and one for Nike's 'brofur' Euripides. Euripides doesn't live with me, he lives with my boyfriend, but he won't tweet for Rip.

What is a typical day for you, starting when Nike wants breakfast?
It depends on the day. Sometimes I have assignments for the newspaper to go to, or write up. Other times I'm actively working on a book of my own, so I have a chapter or two to write, or review, or whatever I feel the book needs. In the good weather, I have gardening to do and there's always something to do. I have a lovely home, so about once a week I run around with a duster and a hoover to keep it presentable. About twice a year I do a big clean, including moving furniture. I also do Feng Shui and right now I am writing a book on that with a colleague so sometimes I have work to do on that. I am also a docent at a local historic home; in the off season (winter) there's not too much to do. But when we are open, I give tours every Friday afternoon and am on the display committee and of course am on staff for all events. The House was built in 1781, and I, like the other docents, dress in authentic period garb. In between all of that, I read and watch TV, travel, and shop.

Is there anything you’d like to tell us about you that I didn’t know to ask?
Good god I think you know more than enough LOL! Oh, one more thing: when I was 13 my mother made me take typing classes. Unlike piano classes, which she also made me take and which I didn't enjoy, I did like typing and I am so grateful to her for making me do this, given what I do for a living now as an author and a journalist. I still type about 90 wpm. I am a staunch Apple product fan although I can use PCs easily as well. And my iPhone is an absolute wonder!

Nike and Deb, thanks so much for agreeing to these interviews!


  1. Hi Herman! Hi Nike! Great interview but then... they ALWAYS are. Nike, you & I know one another from twitter but I never knew you were a single mom of six. MOUSES! That's a lot of babies to raise all on your own. Must have been so hard being feral and all. I'm so happy you have such a good Mom now and a wonderful, WONDERFUL forever home. purrs

  2. Hi Herman, Great interviews. Talk about an interesting human -- Deb certainly is that. We enjoyed learning more about Nike too pal. ha ha - did you know that I didn't know NIKE was a girl until about 3 months ago.

  3. Nike is a wonderpur furfriend. & you all knoze dat her significant other is a pawsome pawsome cook.
    Debra has stuff in common wif my staff - The whole Stargate thing. Meowmy even has stargate mouse pad for her 'puter - **good grief**


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