March 7, 2012

Almost Famous

I always knew I would be famous. Dad said years ago I wuz destined for stardom.

On Sunday, March 4, 2012 I finally met my public. My mom, author Kimberley Dehn, had a book signing at the B.J. Chain Library in Olive Branch, Mississippi.

She had posters made up wif me promoting her book, and decided it was time for me to make a purrrsonal appearance.

I sat in Mom's lap while she chatted with buyers about her novel, Southern Exposure.

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Southern Exposure is a romantical novel about a Yankee heiress, Kat Hubbard, who is considered the red-hot chili pepper in her family of instant potato control freaks. Always out of step. Always out of favor.  On her wedding day, Kat learns her business barracuda brother used her as a bargaining chip to buy percentages of her fiancĂ©’s company with each baby she pops out!  Furious to learn she’s been sold for a profit, Kat shoves a basketball under her gown and waltzes down the aisle to humiliate her family, then makes her getaway via her private yacht.  It doesn’t occur to her she can’t drive.

Dean Mickler is mayor of Potter’s Kiln, Georgia, a small town community of unemployed couch potatoes who let him carry the burden of keeping them out of financial hot water. He aspires to escape to Atlanta where a dream job awaits. Yet with the closing of the town’s only employer, he cannot leave P.K. teetering on the brink of economic disaster. To bring in revenue, he renovates his gristmill into a riverside restaurant, and is days away from escaping the chokehold his well-meaning townspeople have on him. Destiny has other plans.

When Kat rams her runaway yacht through Dean's restaurant and destroys P.K.’s last hope for survival, Dean is forced to use Kat in a last-ditched effort to save his hometown, at the risk of losing both his sanity and his heart.

Mom designed the book's cover. She takes a lot of fotoz and wanted a cover that was both eye-catching and intriguing. Be honest. You're dying to know what a red bra and jelly beans haz to do with the story. Didja see the shadow cleavage? I don't know what what da heck cleavage is, but Mom always points it out. While the cover gets a lot of notice and sales for Mom, she sez people think its erotica, which makes her cringe. She sez its a sweet romance, not a spicy one. After all, her daddy waz gonna read it, not to mention her mother-in-law, my Grammy!

Mom has won contests with her story and was also nominated for an EPIC award. I can't read but I hear people laughing while looking at the pages so I guess its real funny. Mom sez I don't haz much of a sense of humor so I don't know much about laughing. I know its got a pig named Junior Upchurch in it that threatens to steal all the attention since Mom loves pigs. It also haz a little girl named Stevie who everyone thinks is the true star of the story. Some say Stevie needs her own story.

It's available through Mom's website, linked to her publisher. Also at where you can get it for your Kindle...whatever that is. 

Anyway! Enough about Mom and her book. Back to me, my favorite subject!

There I waz, sitting in her lap, shedding all over her pretty outfit, while hoomans lined up to admire me and say hello. I got pets on my head. And a few little kids hugged me and one even kissed me!

Daddy waz there and said later he heard people talking about how amazing I behaved. So calm. So sweet. So...floofy! The librarian, Miz Suzanne, was very happy I chose her library to make my purrrsonal debut.

And so, here I am, back home. Bored. Daddy sez my head haz swelled and probably won't fit through the door if I make another public appearance.

I say...get a bigger door.


  1. Kisses??? you gotz kisses - dey waz by hoomans tho right?? **jealous ears**
    U are a handsome kitteh, I iz glad I found you. U waaaayyyy more braver then me - out in public

  2. No other kittehs there, Belle. Just me. I iz always faithful to you, my lovely!

  3. Aw Herman! Lucky you!!! What an exciting adventure. Were you scared at all? I think I would be at first but then, I've NEVER made a personal appearance anywhere 'cept at the doctor's office and... well... you know how I feel 'bout them. YOU REALLY ARE FAMOUS NOW. Just like your mom. I'm so proud to be your friend.

  4. Oh boy pal - your adventure beats any that I've ever had. M is amazed too that you sat so nice o your mom's lap. I'd want to get down and nose around the place.

  5. How awesome for you, Herm! You haz to admit you'z pwoud ub ur mom! I say same as Mario...amazing you stayed on mom's lap so nice & quiet. You such a good kitty. Anyway, me & mom are so honored to be fwends wif big celebrities. Congrats to you & ur mom! *HUGGIES*

  6. Herman, you & your mum are both so gorgeous, you couldn't help but attract attention. lucky it wasn't humum's library, she would have hogged you totally!!!! and boy did she giggle readingi it too!!! she now a big junior fan!!!!!


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