March 21, 2012

Meet Billy The Pig

You're in for an extra special treat. Billy the Pig @piggusbiggus is here to tell you all about himself.

What's it like to be a guinea pig?

It’s wonderful as long as you enjoy vegetables and cuddles. I can recommend the lifestyle.

How old were you when you moved in with your family? Were you a rescue?

I was about 4 months old when I employed my current staff. My real mummy had died and the family I was with couldn’t look after me because I was sick and they didn’t have much money for vet fees.

Who named you? Why Billy?

My first family named me Billy so I insisted that my staff called me that too.

How would you describe your personality?

Friendly, outgoing, cheeky and snuggly. Sometimes all at once.

Do you have a sibling?

I did, but I lost track of them when I employed my new staff.

Do you have a mischief incident that is still talked about with your family?

I like to hide behind my female staff’s African baskets to make them think I’ve disappeared, or been eaten by a snake.

Tell me about an Awww moment that made your pawrents melt.

Whenever I roll onto my side and close my eyes while sitting on my staff’s lap.

Do you have any health issues?

I had a bad tummy bug when I joined my present staff, but they took me to the vet and bought medicine and gave me the best possible care. I’m better now but I still have a slightly sensitive tummy.

Do you like to be handled?

I love it. In fact I insist upon it

Do you like one hooman over another?

Yes, I prefer the one with the food.

What are your favorite foods and toys?

My favourite food is basil and I have a lovely plastic tunnel to play in.

What is your birth date, or Gotcha Day date?

I share my birthday with my male staff. 1st February.

When did you join Twitter and what clubs do you belong to?
I joined Twitter in 2011 and I belong to the CIA (Cavies in Australia.)

What are you known for on Twitter by your Anipal furends?
I think I’m most famous for my Billy The Pig blog.

Thanks Billy! Check out my mom's blog to meet Billy's staff, Peter at Kept by Cats.

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