March 28, 2012

Meet Deanie @It'sMeDeaner


Deanie and me got to be best furends shortly after I joined Twitter. I loves his beautiful blue crossy eyes and his sweet purrsonality. Deanie is a great best furend. And his mom really loves me lots. She keeps waving a plane ticket fur me to go live wif her.

Deanie, were you a rescue, a stray? Does your mom know where you came from before you lived with her?

A friend of mom's brother rescued me from a shelter in ND when I was a kitten. 6 mos later he had to move to TX for military training, and he couldn't take me with him. He asked my now-mommy to take care of me for him, because he knew my mom fosters strays. Luckily for all of us, his training went from a few months to several months right about the time mom decided she wouldn't let me leave her anyway! Today I am 3 1/2 years old.

Tell me about your siblings and how you get along with them.

Mom doesn't call me her "angel" for nothin'. She's never even heard me hiss! I don't do none of the naughty deeds my brothers are known for (widdling in the corners, fighting, pooping on the bathroom floor). I dont mind a play-wrestle now and then, but I keep my nose clean.

Are you a snuggler or an indiffricat?

I love dad-scritches! I show him my belly whenever he gets home or leaves for work. Mom slobbers her kisses all over me & I let her, since they don't really hurt. But I prefer to sleep at the foot of the bed, not curled on a human.

What is your favorite form of mischief?

Ok, I take back what I said about being an angel. Actually, I'm best known for sneaking out the front door whenever a visitor comes or goes. One time I even did it at night, and boy was mom mad when she had to go looking for me in the dark! I hid in a bush, quiet as a mouse, for a whole hour! Sweet freedom.
Chillin like a villian

Tell me about an Awww moment that made your mom melt.

Mom says aw when I sit in the sink while she gets ready in the morning, or when I open my blue eyes real big and peep-mew at her.
My meowmy's favorite Deanie photo ever!

What are your favorite foods and toys?

I like boxes, I like empty laundry baskets, I like scratching my claws on the stairs while laying sideways, I like chicken noms & cheese noms, & yogurt. My favorite toy is a white mouse & I like playing fetch with mom.

When did you join Twitter and what made you decide to Tweet in the first place?

My mom joined twitter to first, follow Sockington, then she followed a few human celebrities. We don't remember how we met our first pal, her name is @sammypussycat, but we chatted with her a little bit and attracted more anipals. Then we met my first sweetheart @admiralhestorb and mom had to change her twitter name from @kittymommyx6 to my very own @itsmedeaner because I started having so many kitty friends! Last summer I met my beautiful @Lydia_kitteh and I've been in love ever since. My bestest friends are @Wiley_cat because he's a young dude like me who likes to sniff out interesting activities, and @thewondercats because I'm really impressed by super hero curly-coats.


  1. Wow! Your eyes are a beautiful blue!

  2. Oh I love Deaner. We is good friends and he's so cute. M wants to smooch him too, Thanks for interviewing Deaner.

  3. hi Deaner, I always wanted to know about you and why it's not good for you to get out and wander! You be careful Mr Blue Eyes!! paw pats, Savannah @mssavvydo

  4. Deanieeee love u buddy!! He's good furriend of mine too! Great internew! We love deanie here... Mom goes crazy for his big blue crossies!!!! Thx Herman!!! Xoxo - Monty the Pooh


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