March 28, 2012

Meet the Wonder Cats

Samson Simon and Solomon

I got to know @TheWonderCats shortly after I joined Twitter. They are fun and funny, and really popular Anipals. So I had to ask them to be the first to be intermewed on my new blog:

What are you names, and tell me a little about each of your purrsonalities.

 Solomon – Mom’s first rex, oldest of group. Dark grey striped. Very demanding of mom’s attention and any warm lap that sits on the couch. Very loud meow and will scratch at the doors to get what he wants. Relentless in his pursuit of snuggles. Frequently known to climb up on shoulders of people for attention.

 Simon – Mom’s second rex, very friendly. Loves belly scritches and will run in front of a walking person to roll over in front of them to demand a belly rub. Great climber and has been told by vet and vet techs that Simon would be very easily trained for cat shows and performances. Mom thinks Simon would be a great circus kitty. Simon is affectionately called “cow kitty” by the neighborhood kids for his white/black markings that make him look like a cow.

Samson – Baby of the group, gets lots of attention for his wrinkly skin and his tiny size. Must sleep on mom’s arm under blanket. Will follow mom from room to room and will sit next to computer while mom works. Samson is the biggest troublemaker as he will open cabinets and seek out human treats i.e. potato chips, Doritos, likes to knock things over for attention. 

Devon Rex breed is exotic. What is it about your breed that made your mom adopt you?

Mom first saw a Devon Rex kitty in 1999 because a neighbor had 2 of them. At the time mom had 4 cats but she said that when one of them passed on she would get Devon Rex’s. Mom likes our curly coats and unique features.

 Were you strays? Are you blood brothers or brothers by adoption?

All of us are ACFA registered.

Solomon came from a breeder in Massachusetts. Both of Solomon’s parents are champion show kitties. Solomon has show kitty qualities too but mom didn’t want to invest the time and money.

Simon came from a breeder in Alabama. Mom flew to Alabama and back in one day to get him. 

Samson came from same breeder in Alabama as Simon and they have the same birth father named Orbit.

You haz a sister named Sparrow. How does Sparrow fit into your group? Is she blood or adopted?

Mom rescued Sparrow from a shelter in 2004. Sparrow was so sickly and tiny – she wouldn’t eat and had patches of fur that were missing. She lay in her litter box all day and wouldn’t groom herself. Mom fed her bite by bite, by hand and groomed her with a warm washcloth.

Awww. Now I iz feeling bad about suggesting she and my bratty brofur Barney go live under poop porch together. Poor Sparrow!

Okay. Back to questions: Are you snugglers or indiffricats?
We are total snugglers! Mostly with each other and mom. Although we really like any warm lap if mom’s not around. Whenever people come over we make sure they give us scritches and attention.

What is your favorite form of mischief?

Knocking things over, scratching on doors, eating things we’re not supposed to. Getting into bags, grocery, pocketbooks and luggage. We are really good at barfing on mom’s white rugs.

Tell us about an Awww moment that made your mom melt.

When mom sees us all 3 of us cuddling together and grooming one another she says her heart goes pitter-patter.

Do others besides your mom and Sparrow live with you?

We have a dad that used to be really indifferent to us but now he gives us lots of attention, treats and does a great job cleaning our litter box and cleaning up our barf.

What are your favorite foods and toys?

Solomon’s favorite food is cereal milk from our BBB Pearl; she’s our 5 year old neighbor that’s really good to us.

Simon’s favorite food is Caesar salad and Cheetos.

Samson’s favorite foods are potato chips, Doritos and Pringles. Mom says it’s no wonder I have IBD because I eat everything I’m not supposed to.

When did you join Twitter and what made you decide to Tweet in the first place?

March 10, 2010 because we thought we had a lot of things to say and we thought that our followers would be interested in our crazy antics.

Thanks so much, guys. You are an Awesome Pawsome group of kittehs!

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