March 4, 2012


My furend Tiggy is very special to me. He's orange. And he haz urinary issues like me. Hiz momma sent me some medicine that Tiggy couldn't use and my mom really appreciated such kindness. Please meet my furend, Tigger, @TiggyBean.

Tiggy, did you always live with your family, or were you a rescue?

I was born feral and lived in a tree until I was about 4-5 months old and my feral mom brought me and my litter brother up to the humans house for them to feed us.  She left us there with them.  Her feral sister watched out for us for a while.  I was very friendly and pretty much adopted the people.  My brother Willie is still feral but has gotten better over the years and he lives by the big oak tree in our back yard.  He has a gf/bff Winnie that he lives with in a dog house with hay and a big cat bed. My Mama and Daddy have always fed ferals and did TNR on them so they would not be reproducing.  The ferals are as happy as they can be.  They are fed twice a day (sometimes more if they beg) and have clean water.  Mama bought 4 dog houses that have hay and old pillows in them.  One is on the deck, one in the back of the yard and 2 under the barn.  They all have shelter any time.  They also have several hay bales under the shelter of the barn so the cats can get in the hay when it is cold. Mama says if she had the money she would turn the barn into a house with heat and air and beds they could get into when they wanted.  She will have to win the lottery for that.  hehe

Tell me about your siblings and how you get along with them.

I have 3 fur sibs.  My oldest brofur Dee is a tuxedo kitty.  Tony is my younger brofur and he is orange and white tabby.  Cocoa is my sisfur and she is a torti.  I get along with them all well.  Most of us are kind of loners except Tony.  All of us are former ferals. Mama and Daddy work to socialize all our ferals.  They can rub all of them now except 2. 

Are you a snuggler or an indiffricat?
I am indifferent. I don't snuggle much but if no one is looking I will snuggle with my Daddy.  I adore my Daddy.
Tiggy and his Dad

What is your favorite form of mischief?
Chasing sisfur Cocoa.  It fun!

Do you have a mischief incident that is still talked about with your family?
Disappearing for 12 days.  

Tell me about an Awww moment that made your mom melt.
Mama melt at everything I do. Mama describes me as an angel from heaven that was sent to her and Daddy.  She truly believe that I was sent from heaven from her Dad to be with her. We all were. 

What are your favorite foods and toys?
My favorite food is Temptations and Pro Plan Senior Turkey.  I like hair bows and nip toys.

What is your birth date, or your Gotcha Day date?
We celebrate my Gotcha/Birthday on May 15th.

When did you join Twitter and what clubs do you belong to?
I joined twitter in 2010.  I am a member of the #wlf and a #nipclub barktender.

What are you known for on Twitter by your Anipal furneds?
The #TiggyTrot.  I don't run I trot everywhere especially when I am happy.  I also like to give smooches.
 Thanks, Tiggy for agreeing to this intermew. Please check out my mom's blog, Kept by Cats, to read about Tiggy's mom.

Don't Mess Wif Me!