October 16, 2012

Being Homeless Sucks

Please be aware that strays need shelter. With the coming winter extra food and clean water is needed to build strength to endure harsh temperatures. And comfort, like straw beds, blankets, dog houses and heat lamps are very appreciated.

As a former homeless kitteh I remember how relieved I was when I found a forever home. If you can't afford to adopt your winter strays, perhaps you can provide them with a little comfort to get them to Spring.

Everyone should have a Wonderpurr Life!


  1. hey Herman, came across your blog on twitter somehow. Anyways, it is very informative and cute. I just joined. Can't wait to read more!

  2. Being homeless sure does suck, Herman. Every cat really should have a home. Such an important message you've shared here. purrs

  3. Hi Miz Ann Paws...so wonderpurr that you stopped by to see me. Are we furends on Twitter? Hope so!

    Hi Niss! You so right. We knows about being homeless, don't we? Just want to get the word out for hoomans to keep the homeless in mind this winter.

  4. This is a real important message Hermie, we all need to help homeless kittehs if we can. In addition to giving them short-term shelter we can also list them on www.WherePetsAreFound.com & me & me mates will blast the internetz wif their details until they find a furrever home!
    WeK x


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