October 5, 2012

FRIDAY with FridayKat_ASVC

We learned about @FridayKat_ASVC in his intermew MEET FRIDAY KAT  He has an interesting life living at a Veterinary Hospital...a place most of us would run from. But Friday calls it HOME! So I've asked him and his hooman, Karla, if they would like to share something with us every Friday. A Feature Column! And they said yes! Yay!

On Sunday, September 23rd, my family attended a fundraiser brunch. It was for a very nice group of people who rescue animals!

Linda and Rachel of Twenty Paws Rescue (www.twentypawsrescue.com) are the two heroes behind the fundraiser. They do not have a shelter, but rather have a network of kind people who help rescue, care and foster animals who are in desperate need.

Also, they don’t have big corporate sponsors. Instead they count on help from other animal heroes. I was a rescue, so I know how lucky it feels when a nice family takes you in and gives you loves, snacks and a safe home. 
Linda and Rachel and my family Dr Wyler and Dr. Julie (mommy2)

My VET family wanted to help raise money and awareness for them so they can continue saving a lot more animal friends!


All the nice prizes to raffle off!

These pictures don’t have me in them but they are still nice!

Meows and Purrs!
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