October 1, 2012


Anipals, I am proud to introduce to you a special furend of mine. Lil Bit n me go way back...practically to last spring when we met. I think it was spring. Anyway! I liked her right away. She is very smart -- scary smart -- and a loving, wonderpurr Anipal that I know you will adore, like I do. Please meet, Lil Bit aka @ScarySmartKitty  Yay!

How old were you when you moved in with your family? Were you a rescue?

I waz a little bitty kitty maybe eight weeks old. I waz living outside cuz my burf mom abandoned me. The neighbor v.e.t. captured me once. She knocked me out and when I woke up I had a sore tummy and a notch on my ear and I was in a cage. I got really mad and fought and screamed so she put me back outside. I lived in her shed and she put food out for me. But it started getting really cold and I waz still very little but scared of hoomins. My mom (not yet my mom) wuz outside one day and I came close. And a boy came out and sat down and talked soft to me so I came to him and he put me in his coat where it was warm. He brought me inside. It took a long time but I got used to de hoomins who lived in de house, especially my mom.

What breed are you?

I guess I iz just a regular kitty. I am dilute calico colors, and has a nub tail but I am not a Manx. De v.e.t. lady said I was borned wif de short tail. Mom finks it's cute. I do too.

What inspired your hoomans to name you?

I iz little! My first litter box wuz a lean cuisine box and I fit in de palm of mom's hand!

Do you have siblings? Do you get along?

I haz two Bruvverz who iz litter mates and 12 years old. I calls dem BFK for Big Fat Kitty and BGK for Big Gray Kitty but der names are Marco and Pogo. I learned everfing I know from BGK. He my mentor, plus I chases him alla time and he chases me back. Marco too but not as much cuz he iz not very smart. He very sweet tho and we luvs him. I also haz a dog. @DogHershey is really big and scared of us! I want to play wif him but he iz too scared.

How would you describe your personality?

Playful and mischievous. Also very smart.

Do you have a mischief incident that is still talked about?

Mom likes to tell other hoomins how smart I am. I like to have all my toys on the floor all the time, but she waz alla time trying to pick some up. No matter where she put dem, I would find dem and put dem on de floor again. She started putting dem in a drawer in a end table in de living room, so I would jus open de drawer and take dem out again. And because I am polite kitty, I would also close de drawer back. One day, I opened de drawer and der wuz no toys! So I went to de other side of de sofa and looked in de drawer of de end table over der. Der was no toys der either, but mom waz amazed cuz der had never been any toys in dat drawer but I knowed to look anyway!

Tell me about an Awww moment.

I am just an awwwwww kitty! Best awwwwww fing tho iz dat I likes to sleep on my mom's shoulder. I couldn't do it for a while cuz she had a axident and broke it and I was confoosed but now it's ok again. I very happy about dat cuz I luvs sleeping on her shoulder.

Complete this sentence: If I had opposable thumbs, I would…

learn to play mom’s Wii!

Who are 3 famous animals you’d most like to sniff?

Nerissa, Herman and Watson

OMC! You just got a "look" from my fiancee, Belle! What is the most interesting place in your residence and why?

My mostest favoritest place iz my secret cave dat I made under mom's bed cuz it is jus mine and haz lots of cool places to hide and to store stuff like my toys. But de other cool place iz de window shelf dat mom built. It's cool cuz we can sits der and enjoy the outside wifout axshully going out. I duz not ever want to go out der again cuz it waz scary when I waz little, but I likes watching de birdies and skwerls in de window. Also I do chipmonkey patrol from the slider in de back.

Have you ever caught a bird or something edible? Did you eat it?

When I waz little an living outside I caught lizards and bugs an stuff to eat. I catch dem inside now too but I only eats de bugs now.

Do you have any health issues?

Nope. I iz healthy kitty.

I'm very happy to hear that, Lil Bit. Do you like to be brushed, have your nails trimmed?

Not really. I iz ticklish.

What is your relationship like with your veterinarian?

I does not like v.e.t. But den, I does not really like many other hoomins except my mom cuz dey scare me.

What hoomans outside of your family don't scare you?

I likes my sitters and mom's girlfriend and a couple others. I takes a long time to get used to other hoomins and dey haz to be still and quiet before I will come out to see dem.

What are your favorite foods and toys?

I love Temptations and Greenies. My favorite toy iz pipe cleaners. I likes to fetch de pipe cleaners and my mousies and I also plays baseball wif my toys. I also like to chase Bruvverz.

Have you ever eaten anything that your hooman thought strange?

Mom pretty much finks whatever I eat is normal for kitties. She tell me once she had a kitty way before I waz borned who ate slugs and she thought that was strange!

Have you ever chewed or destroyed something that upset your pawrents?


What is your birth date, or Gotcha Day date?

I don't know. Mom say I waz prolly borned in September and I moved in early November. I iz almost 7 now.

Do your hoomans celebrate your special date? How?

Mom say every day iz speshul day!

When did you join Twitter and what clubs do you belong to?

I fink was las spring. I iz proud #wlf comrade an #Pawfleet lieutenant an #PinkAngel and also new member of @Eddiebabycat’s #Jester’s club.

What are you known for on Twitter by your Anipal furends?

Sayin "Troof!" Giving out pipe cleaners and trying to be nice.

Do you have a blog or a Facebook page? If so, please give the addresses and tell us what you write about.

I writes logs on pawfleet.com sometimes where other pawfleet anipals do too.

Is there anything you’d like to tell us about you that I didn’t know to ask?

I iz techno kitty! Mom helps, but I mad de Pawfleet web site.

That's pawsome! I didn't know that. *proud ears*

Herman I forgoes to tell de scariest story ever! Here it is...

I duz not play wif catnip, and I duz not even want to go outside, but one night I did both wif disastrous consequences! It was Christmas an my brother BGK, who iz a nip fiend, got a new nip toy. As it started to get dark, for a reason I cannot even explain, I played wif his new toy, and let me tell you, it wuz some powerful stuff. I got real confoosed and I slipped outside when mom's frens were leaving, an nobody saw me. Well, it started to snow! An I got scareder an scareder, but nobody knew I waz outside, cuz I usually hide when hoomins are over. Mom went to bed and de snow waz deeper an it waz cold an I waz really scared. So I cried outside her window. Se waz real surprised when she saw me, so she put shoes on an came to get me. But by den, I waz completely beside myself wif fear an I ran away!

I hid in de v.e.t. lady's shed where I lived when I waz really little. Mom came into de shed and sat down and talked to me. I cried an cried and very slowly came to her. She petted me and picked me up and cuddle me, but when she tried to stand up I got scared again and I bit an scratched her and ran to de back of de shed again. I could tell I had hurt mom pretty bad from de way she waz holding her hand, but she jus sat down again and started talking to me soft again. I cried some more and eventually made my way back to her. I let her pet me again, an pick me up an cuddle me. Dis time, she wasn't wearing her jacket, and she wrapped me up inside it real tight and stood up. Den she carried me home. When we got inside, she let me out of de jacket an I ran to my secret cave and hid der for a long time. Now I for sure do not play wif nip or go outside!

OMC! That is a seriously scary story for you and your meowmy! You smart that you knew where her bedroom window was and how to find her. Poor Lil Bit! 

I've learned that Lil Bit's meowmy is shy, so Lil Bit said she would tell us about her meowmy. 

 My mom iz a boodist and she goes to do boodist stuff alla time. She does some at home too, so I don't know why she haz to go away to do it. She also likes to take @DogHershey for walks. She reads a lot and also writes, but I don't know much about dat.

Mom iz a jurnolist. I do not know what dat iz, but she duz it from home. I haz to make her stop working sometimes.

She an outdoor person and an indoor person. She likes cuddling wif us inside and just being in de air an stuff outside. She say something about liking nature but I not sure. It scary out der to me, but she say she likes trees and water and stuff.

She mostly reads science fiction and I hear her say once dat John Varley iz her favorite aufor. She reads boodist stuff too, and also history and science. 

On TV she watches stuff like CSI an Dexter an Nurse Jackie an Weeds. For music she like Lucinda Williams best. 

She tol me dat her favoritest vacation ever was driving around de Southwest, wherever dat iz, and camping and hiking and stuff, especially at Chaco Canyon (I ask her how to spell dat so I get it right). She say she likes to go places, especially de beach and de mountains. As for traveling with us, she haz only taken @DogHershey places and I don’t know about any adventures. He no tell me about any. I don’t like to go places. Icky!

We live in a small town just outside a big city, she say, so she get all de menities of city but close friends an stuff wif neighbors. And der iz a lake dat @DogHershey likes to swim in. 

I ask her what famous hoomans she would like to haz dinner with. She say Jane Wagner, cuz her mom went to school wif her and she iz gud writer, Barbara Jordan because she was most amazing person ever (she no longer living) an she not sure about de third. Maybe Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche becuz he iz de hed of her boodist fing. 

 Mom bleeves in spirits but iz prolly not de same as hoomins fink of as ghosts. She say she experience dem alla time.

Mom say very first pet was a big fluffy white dog name Friskie but she no even remember him. Her fambly told her about him. Den dey have parakeet name Greeneroo, den kitty name Racky. Mom has had bunches of animals sense, she tell me. Mostly cats, but dogs too. And der iz fishes and frogs in de pond.

She me to Tweet for instead of @DogHershey cuz  I iz de smartest.

A typical day for us: We duz not make mom get up early becuz she works late, and we haz a perpetual food bowl. @DogHershey sometimes will get her up early if he haz to go outside. Otherwize, we likes to snuggle wif her in bed until she gets up. When she get up, first she lets @DogHershey out, den she make her coffee stuff. While coffee is making, we gets Temptations and she gets @DogHershey’s breakfast. She takes her medasins and gets her breakfast and reads or answers emails or watches somefing on de Teevo or whatever. Sometimes she goes out after dat, maybe wif de dog, maybe not. She start work at noon our time most days. On days she not work, we get extra snuggles and she does projects at the house that usually involve loud machines or stinky stuff or much banging. We hide when she do dat. 

I fink my mom iz pretty cool. She used to be de leed gitarist in a rock band. I don’t know what dat iz either, but it sounds cool. 

Your meowmy does sound very interesting, indeed! Thank you so much for agreeing to intermew, Lil Bit. I'm so happy you joined Twitter and we is furends. Yay!

Don't Mess Wif Me!