October 17, 2012

Hanging Out with Lou @LiveLoveMeow

Lou: Herman!!! Long time no meow!

Herman: Hey Lou! I haven’t seen you in awhile. I bet you’ve been busy like me, keeping our Moms inspired so they can continue to keep us in the luxury we are accustomed to. So, whatcha been up to?

Lou: Well, as you know, my job is Vice Pawsident and Spokescat for LiveLoveMeow.biz That means that I wear many collars.

Herman: *Gasp!* I wear just one and it’s tight! I can’t imagine wearing more! You poor kitteh!

Lou: No, no! I mean, I am companion and muse to my Human Mom. I keep her company while she works, and give her ideas for blog posts and products to carry in our web shop and such. I also make her laugh with my antics. If I think she's been working for too long without a break, I jump in her lap, throw myself over her shoulder, and purr in her ear.

Herman: Ohhhh. Okay. Had me worried there for a moment. I hear you got a new blog!

Lou: Yes! Not only do I help speak to our anipals and Human Moms/Dads on Twitter <@livelovemeow>, but also through my blog, The Secret Life of Lou. <www.livelovemeow.biz> That’s one of my favorite parts of my job: communicating with other anipals and their Moms and Dads, and perhaps helping them when they are sad.

Herman: Yeah. I no like sad Moms and Dads either. They tend to forget da kittehs need attention and more important…lunch! You said something about a web shop. What’s that about?

Lou: Well, I help product-test the newer things being sold in the shop; from time to time I get to try out new treats, toys, or cat furniture. <www.livelovemeow.biz>

Herman: OMC! Really? You get to test-drive toys and treats and *envy ears* cat furniture? Hm. Wish my mom would open a web shop…but then she’d never have time to write. As it is she barely has time to open a can of toona.

Lou: I also am Official Watch Cat. I patrol the house and office frequently, and watch over my Human Mom. If there is anything going on that I feel Mom should know about, I make sure she knows it! Included in that Watch Cat title is being a champion bug, mouse, and lizard-catcher.

Herman: Yeah, I’m kinda a Watch Cat too, sorta. I sit next to her computer screen and watch her write, gazing soulfully…hungrily at her…sending her telepawthic messages to stop and feed me. I also watch bugs in the house. I watch them crawl across the floor. Um…. Hey! I caught a grass-snake once! *proud ears* See? Here’s pwoof:

Lou: So, Herman, let's turn this around. You know what my days and duties are like as mews to a working mom; what’s going on with you? You’ve been kinda AWOL from Twitter a lot lately, which I’m sure doesn’t make your fiancée, Belle (@Frankencat1) too happy.

Herman: Belle has been understanding, thank goodness! I’m companion and mews to my writer mom, @KimberleyKoz. I inspire her story ideas. But lately I've been up to the tippy tops of my ears keeping my mom from plunging off the deep end. She’s got a very full plate right now, seeking an agent for her recently completed novel. Plus she’s working on two more stories. Plus she’s developing a new author blog. She’s still promoting her published romantic comedy, Southern Exposure. Plus she’s dealing with my daddy traveling on business, and Buddy being old and diabetic, and Cookie being so sick wif his allergies and stuff. There’s multiple layers of stress, so its all I can do some days to support her and not fwreak out myself. *whispers* I been hitting the nip pretty heavily to stay calm.

Lou: Do you get extra treats and toys on the days your presence has been extra-helpful?


Herman: Well, I hang out in the office I share wif my mom. The other kitties in our house aren’t allowed in unless I approve, which I don’t always. Mom keeps kibble at her desk for me, but it’s the fire pee kibble I’m supposed to eat and I don’t like it. But…beggers can’t be choosers and so I eat it. I haz my beloved Pajama Bear toy and my chair. It’s quiet and in our house that’s a treat in itself.

Lou: Do you get to go on book tours with your writer mom? How do you travel? Do you walk on harness and leash?

Herman: I’ve never gone on tour, just done local stuff. However Mom has a couple stories in the works that have me in them as a character and she sez I can go on tour wif her then to promote. I think I be a good promoter. I haz a nice open-top cat carrier to travel in, and yes I’m on a body harness. But mostly I sit in Mom’s lap and look adorapurr. I do love to travel, though. I’ve been up to Michigan a couple times, and once to Nashville. I sit in Mom’s lap and either nap or watch for trucks. I love trucks! Big red trucks are my favorite.

Lou, thanks for stopping by my blog and for telling me all about your LiveLoveMeow.biz project. Always enjoy hanging out wif you. Yay!

Furends, if you haz a business to promote, maybe you and I could talk about it sometime.

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